About the Price

In the year and a half it took to develop "Coffee Drive-Thru Plans", more than a thousand hours were devoted to this project. The services of a licensed architect, graphic designer, and other construction professionals were employed to ensure that the structure resulting from the use of these plans, will be ergonomically efficient, structurally sound, and aesthetically pleasing.

I ran the finished plans of my "Classic" design by several local architectural firms to obtain an estimate as to what they would charge to develop similar plans. I was quoted prices ranging from $5,000. to $8,000. While you may need to spend an additional $500. to $1,000. (estimated) on local architectural services to develop a site plan, & facilitate any changes required by your local bureaucracy (if any), I believe these plans represent a real bargain.

In addition, the bonus materials that accompany these drawings would cost over $3,000 if they were provided through my normal consulting services.
They include:

  • equipment & fixtures order
  • menu & recipes
  • small wares order
  • product recommendations & opening consumable products order
  • open & closing checklists
  • employee policy manual template
"Coffee Drive-Thru Plans" provides you with $8,000 to $11,000 worth of materials for only $1,999.
This package is a great value!

Ed Arvidson
President, E&C Consulting